Shasta Cascade Bass Anglers

Tournament Schedule

Each month the club has a tournament on local lakes or waterways within the North state. Lakes that the club has visited in the past include Shasta Lake, Trinity Lake, Lake Oroville, Clear Lake, Lake Almanor, the Delta and Whiskeytown Lake. The lakes scheduled vary annually.

 2017/2018 Tournament schedule

Each member in the tournament receives 2 show-up points. First place in each tournament receives 20 points, second place 19 points, etc. to 20th place receiving 1 point. In addition, the member that catches the Big Fish, receives 2 points. Points are awarded towards Angler of the Year, the club member with the most points at the end of the tournament year. Nine of the best finishes count towards the points for Angler of the Year.

The club holds an end-of-year TOC tournament for the Top 10 finishers and a Team TOC Tournament for the Top 20. The Team TOC tournament pairs the first place finisher with the 20th place finisher in the standings, 2nd place with 19th place, etc.

The club also holds a Family Day series. This series is a family oriented schedule of six tournaments from May through October. Club members can take their family or friends with them so they can enjoy a tournament event. These tournaments often include either a weekend campout or an after tournament barbeque that the whole family can enjoy. 

Shasta Cascade Bass Anglers